Business Challenge, Freight Chapter


shanghai,beijing,xiamen,sanya Business Challenge, Freight Chapter

The Business Challenge, Freight Chapter

Teams will need to travel along two fictious “Lines”, first Eastbound (Europe to Asia – here from JW Marriott to The Bund then Westbound (Asia to Europe – here from The Bund to JW Marriott). A set of clues will lead them to locations where they will need to load some cargoes to carry along the two Lines. They will need to pass some challenges and make strategic choices in order to get the right cargo-mix while considering few variables: Rates, Weight and Commodities but they will also need to pay attention -yes, to the pirates as well!!- to the different rates specific to the Eastbound and Westbound traffic. At the end of Eastbound Line – Bund Custom House- they will unload the cargoes and pass the Custom then turn back and take the Westbound line and follow the same rules. The team in the end with the highest profitable cargoes for the combined Lines will win The Shanghai Business Challenge. The speed will also be taken into account.

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