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The Great Longtang/Hutongs Street Games

Your very own Corporate Street Games in Shanghai or Beijing

Longtangs are typical Shanghai Lanes (Hutongs in Beijing) lined with houses where you find a lot of interaction between the people and hence bring forth a strong sense of localism, safety and alikeness. Locals with various professions, backgrounds and cultural levels have brought a diversified society and a life full of vitality and richness in the Longtangs/Hutongs. Kids and parents alike spent a lot of quality time with neighbours, and those narrow lanes saw the creation of games that are simple, don’t need much space and could be played at anywhere, anytime.

Nowadays, you can see a revival of these traditional street games and see plenty of people from different ages playing myriads of them within the Longtangs/Hutongs or even in the parks.

Your teams will need to compete between each other in a series of lane games tweaked in a competition layout. All games will be interconnected and you will feel as you were participating in one big adventure rather than enjoying a set of different games played one after another. Hence, we added a different dimension to the lot, one that will see how teams plan, strategize, synchronize their efforts and think outside of the box. In fact, some games will be mandatory while others will be optional. Your teams while competing not only will have the chance to create some bonds with each other, have fun but will also immerse themselves in the traditional local Culture.

Success in each game will get you closer and closer to the Final where teams will need to decipher a code with the help of information gathered after each game.

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