The Survival Camp

The Only Survival Camp for intercultural teams

shanghai,beijing,xiamen,sanya The Survival Camp

The Survival Camp

The Only Survival Camp For Intercultural Teams. If you enjoy the classic games where you got dropped from a platform and your colleagues need to catch up while all dressed as military men, well this is not for you then.

We take your teams out into the countryside by a river surrounded by a lush forest. We give you a map and a compass and there you go; under the supervision and guidance of our survival experts you will learn few skills that will help you survive throughout the day: use a compass, light a fire (yes, you will cook your food), build your own hunting tools, tight secure knots, purify your drinking water and construct a raft or a bridge to get your team members across to safety. You will learn so much in a day and will see how amazing and useful nature is toward us.

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