The Ultimate Virtual Team Building in China

Explore Shanghai's mysterious past with your Teammates as if you were there

From the comfort of your office (or home) immerse yourself in this truly unique China Virtual Team Building event, a tabletop Escape Game combined with a Treasure Hunt that takes place in real-life Shanghai - with the help of Field Agents, who will be your eyes on the ground.

Live or rebroadcast videos taken by Field Agents will be unlocked after you successfully find a location, and will show you a new clue or details about the location you’ve just worked hard to find, so you can truly get immersed in the scene and the story.

Teams will need to solve riddles, pass some challenges and decipher codes that will ultimately lead them to input a secret key into our App and stop the countdown.





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    Remote Team Building in China from Anywhere in the World

    Most FAQ related to remote team building events

    We are so passionate about our stories, and you will feel it without a doubt when you join our events. We’ve been running treasure hunts around China for over ten years and each of them is inspired by true events.

    Our storylines will immerse you in a true adventure that will take you back to Shanghai when it was called the Pearl of the East.

    Teams (3-5ppl) will access clues from our App (we can send the clues by express courier too). Each team will have their own Zoom breakout rooms (and WeChat group) to communicate with each other.

    Teams will need to decipher clues and puzzles to go further in the game and solve a mystery. Our field agents (Live or rebroadcast) will be teams’ avatars, which mean they will be your eyes on the ground and will help teams search for hidden information in real-life Shanghai. But, all the thinking will be done by teams only.

    Along the game, teams will need to interact with our App to check if their answers are correct and to get new keys or hints. 

    The first team that found the last code is the winner.

    We can have 10 players up to 300 or even 1000 per event. Less than 10 players? No problem! Join a public event and defend your company’s colors by competing against other corporations.

    The event lasts on average 2-3hrs.

    Teams do compete to keep the spirit high but very often they need to work together in order to go further in the game. Basically, a team can’t win without the help of other teams.

    We have an Event Coordinator (Game Master) and several Facilitators monitoring the event in real-time.

    Live Field Agents are optional and depend on your requirements or budget.

    Yes, we also have a DIY version.

    The Public event doesn’t include the Field Agents.

    There are no limitations besides managing time differences, so you can have teams all over the world playing simultaneously. Also different teammates of a team don’t need to be physically in one place.

    You just need a device (preferably a PC or tablet) with an internet connection to access the clues and interact with the App (web App – no download necessary).